Conversational, and Generative AI Solutions

Hello, and welcome! Conversation Curve is a resource for anyone looking to apply practical solutions using artificial intelligence.  This site will host insights, and demonstrations building these solutions and sharing freely what I’ve learned and discovered along the journey.  Whether you’re a developer with a technical point of view, or someone looking to leverage AI for your project, or company…you’ve come to the right place.  Connect with me on social media (links below).

Pete Haas

Samsung Bixby Developer Showcase: The Finale

Samsung sponsored a competition in 2018 for their new voice assistant platform.  I was one of five finalists to give a pitch in San Francisco for the Samsung Developer Conference.

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Presentations & Podcasts

Alexa Skills & Demonstrations

Below are just a few examples of some Alexa skills written in the last few years.  They’ve been a great way to develop Conversational skills to create amazing UX experiences.  

Guitar Teacher

Hands-free guitar instruction.  Including these features:

  • Standard tuner
  • Video Library
  • Step-by-step instruction
  • Chord Dictionary

Dance Workout

Motion enabled video and audio experience.  Using the Alexa Motion features, the screen will follow your movement

Shell Game

Winner Alexa Hackathon Grand Prize!  Voice enabled version of the popular shell game.  Select where the ball lands, shells move faster as you increase levels

Spice Rack

A virtual spice rack useful when you’re preparing meals.  Ask about particular spices, and learn about recommended pairings.  For example:

What can I use instead of Basil?

What spices go well with Fish?

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